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NFL Roster Cuts: Baltimore Ravens Place Terrell Suggs on PUP List

The Baltimore Ravens have begun announcing their roster cuts for the 2012 season as the deadline approaches for teams to get down to 75 players. Teams have until 4 pm ET today to make those final decisions, and then Friday by 9 pm ET to get down to the final roster size of 53 players.

One of the biggest moves in the NFL is the Ravens placing star rush linebacker Terrell Suggs on the physically unable to perform (PUP list). This is not a surprising move, but it has to be encouraging for the Ravens and their fans considering tearing your Achilles is usually a season ending injury. Suggs vowed he would play this season when the injury happened, though not many believe him. This could be a sign that the Ravens expect Suggs to come back at some point during the year, and could have him for a playoff run, should they be in the mix.

Suggs can begin practicing as early as the sixth NFL game and can practice for three weeks until being designated for the active roster. If the Ravens are lucky they will have their star defensive player back by November.

The circumstances surrounding this injury are a bit hazy. Reports began to surface that Suggs suffered the injury while playing pickup basketball, but he has vehemently denied those claims, saying the incident happened during a workout. I’m not sure what the big deal is even if he did get hurt playing basketball. Are NFL players supposed to lock themselves in their house/weight room all off season?

Hopefully Suggs can come back during the year, for the Ravens’ sake. They are not going to be the same without him.


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