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NFL Rumors: Maurice Jones-Drew Will Not Start Week 1 No Matter What

This past weekend, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey left the door open for Maurice Jones-Drew to start in Week 1 if he reported to training camp. All this despite the two having yet to speak and MJD not having any knowledge of the offense whatsoever. On Monday, he ended any speculation of that still being a possibility.

“I expect Rashad will start. We’ll just have to see.”

Rashad Jennings looked great in the 2009 NFL Combine, but slipped in the draft all the way to the seventh round due to concerns that he did not play against top level competition in college. I loved Jennings coming out because he reminded me of Steven Jackson; a big bodied running back who was not afraid of contact.

Jennings has looked good in the preseason, gaining 175 yards on 36 carries. That’s an average of 4.9 yards per carry which is great for the Jaguars. If it translates into the regular season they may gain leverage on MJD and force him to come back at a discount, or they could trade and get value for him.

According to the new CBA, MJD cannot participate in a padded practice until next week even if he shows up this week. Obviously Mularkey does not feel that is sufficient time to get MJD up to speed in time for the opener. If this lasts much longer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss the first month of the season.


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