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Rookie Sings on Request from Jared Allen During Game

Arguably the most entertaining part of Friday night’s loss to the San Diego Chargers was Jared Allen being mic’d up.The All-Pro defensive end provided laughs all night, from crazy sound effects, to funny one-liners.

After he was removed from the game, he decided to get rookie Tydreke Powell to help him out on the mic. Powell responded with this:

Not a bad performance from Powell…

Allen was having a field day against undrafted rookie Mike Harris, tallying 2 first half sacks, while getting constant pressure on quarterback Charlie Whitehurst

In other Jared Allen news, he recently told USA Today that he should have been give the single season sack record a season ago:

“They actually took one away from me in Green Bay. I pushed my guy into (Aaron) Rodgers, he fumbled, and I touched him down. They gave it as a team sack, versus giving me the sack. That would’ve been the record right there.”

But Allen does admit he had other chances:

“I missed probably four or five, that were in my hands. There were opportunities left on the field. My goal each year isn’t a set number. I want as many sacks as I can get when the opportunities present themselves. That’s my goal. Just to not have missed opportunities. There were some left on the field last year.”

I think Allen will be right there again at the end of this season, with a chance to break the record…

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