Aaron Rodgers Promises Revenge On John Kuhn

By Michael Terrill

“Kuuuhhnnn” is what many Green Bay Packers fans chanted after watching the video of fullback John Kuhn smashing a pie in quarterback Aaron Rodgers face. A day later Rodgers appeared to be in better spirits and promised anyone who asked that revenge was certain.

The now famous pie incident occurred after Monday’s practice when Rodgers was answering media questions at his locker. Long snapper and good friend Brett Goode distracted Rodgers while Kuhn came around the quarterback’s left side and made direct contact with a shaving cream pie. Rodgers did not seem happy about the burning sensation in his eyes and was finished answering questions for the day.

“You know what? I can appreciate a good practical joke,” Rodgers said. “I think in order to be someone who enjoys doing those things, you have to know at some point it’s going to come back to you. I didn’t expect my old partner Brett Goode to be part of that. He was kind of distracting me in the back and taking my attention over there, while John snuck around and got by J.B. (team public relations coordinator Jonathan Butnick) and got me in the face. But I respect the prank.”

As the team leader, Rodgers has no choice but to accept that his teammates got him good. Also, as the face of the Packers, he has no choice but to seek revenge in a way that will give Kuhn nightmares for weeks.

“They’ve got to understand when they do it to me, it’s going to come back probably twice as hard,” Rodgers said. “But good pranks are always appreciated.”

Rodgers learned from the best, as Brett Favre was the master at pranking teammates. In fact, Favre is regarded as the game’s all-time leading prankster. There is no doubt some of his pranks were questionable, such as when he left an unidentifiable dead animal inside New York Jets linebacker Eric Barton’s locker when Favre joined the team. The dead animal was inside a bag filled with bloods and guts that put Favre in hot water. However, most of Favre’s pranks were harmless that typically involved stink bombs.

As for Rodgers, one can only wait to see what kind of genius prank he comes up with to get back at the folk hero. Kuhn may be on top of the world for now but it is a matter of time until he becomes the victim of another viral video.

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