NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Might Sign Vince Young?

By Michael Terrill

The Green Bay Packers are in desperate need of a backup quarterback behind MVP Aaron Rodgers. Despite giving every opportunity to prove himself, Graham Harrell just does not appear to be the man for the job. Is it possible the Packers will sign Vince Young to be the No. 2 after he was cut by the Buffalo Bills?

Young has proven to be a disappointment and bust in the NFL thus far, but I would still take him over Harrell as the Packers backup quarterback. He has played in 60 professional games and knows what it is like to be under pressure in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. He has certainly made plenty of mistakes, but he is also very capable for moving the offense downfield and coming up with the necessary points to win.

Taking on Young is not exactly Green Bay’s style, as they do not tolerate showboats that give predictions to the media or claim to be a part of the next “Dream Team”. However, the Packers do believe in taking quality quarterbacks with potential and turning them into starters who can win. Considering Young used to be a starter, at least he will have a leg up on the usual backups.

Green Bay remains to have plenty of confidence in Harrell even though he has shown no reason why he deserves it. In three preseason games, he has completed 50.8% of his passes for 261 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, and has been sacked five times for a quarterback rating of 53.7. For the record, Young’s numbers are worse although he has thrown for more yards with nine less pass attempts.

However, for Young it is not about the preseason numbers because we already know he can play in the NFL or at least handle himself in a difficult situation. It is more important for Harrell to establish himself because he has never taken a snap during the regular season.

If Rodgers suffered another concussion this season and is unable to make a critical start down the stretch, which player would you rather have start the game: Someone who has thrown 46 regular season touchdown passes or someone who has struggled to move the ball against backup defenses? I have nothing against Harrell, but I do not want a season where Green Bay is a favorite to win the Super Bowl to potentially come down to a player who showed signs of not being ready to play.

Harrell has Thursday’s preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs to prove his worth. It will be against mostly backup players with a third of them not expected to make the team. If he gives the same performance he has the last couple weeks, do the Packers really go with him as the No. 2 behind Rodgers? I believe they will have no choice but to bring in Young and give him the opportunity to contribute to the team.

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