NFL Rumors: Should the Chicago Bears Sign Chris Cooley?

The NFL roster cuts season is in full swing. By Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern, all teams must cut their squads down to their final 53 man roster for the season.

Today the Washington Redskins cut eight-year veteran tight end Chris Cooley. Given that OC Mike Tice prefers having four TE on his roster as opposed to three TE and one FB, is it time for the Chicago Bears to pick up the phone and get Cooley into Halas Hall?

Cooley has had five seasons with more than 700+ yards receiving and 50+ catches. To put this in perspective, that is more catches than anyone on the Bears roster had last season.

Two of his eight NFL seasons have been write offs due to injury. However, today’s announcement came with the news that Cooley is healthy and ready to go. The Redskins are simply moving in a different direction.

To me this looks like a numbers game. In simple terms, Cooley was due to make in excess of $6 million this season for a reduced role on the team.

The desire to play and contribute still burns inside this guy. He could really make a difference on a team such as the Bears, who have done just about everything in their power to load up the roster with weapons for Cutler.

When asked if Cooley had requested to be released, HC Mike Shanahan would not comment. He did, however, have this to say:

“Chris wants an opportunity to be a starter in the NFL if he does play,” Shanahan said. “I told him Fred was going to be our starter. But if he wanted to be a starter, I would give him every option to seek that opportunity out, and that’s what we’re doing at this time.”

Personally I would be happy for the Bears to get rid of any of their current crop of TE if it meant Cooley could be catching balls from Jay Cutler this season.

Anyone who thinks Cooley wouldn’t be better for this roster than Kellen Davis, Matt Spaeth, Evan Rodriguez or Kyle Adams really needs their head examined. Keep in mind that Cooley has been filling in at fullback for much of the preseason.

Hopefully for the right price, Cooley could be suiting up in Chicago and helping the Bears march to a Superbowl appearance before we know it.

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  • Zemo

    Cooley is 31, and a broken down husk of a player.

    We could all talk about how great of a career Dallas Clark has had, but it has no bearing on him being a broken down old player at this point in his career.

    Cooley has had a very nice career, but is coming off multiple major injuries and is 31 years old. He is a poor blocker, and has missed major parts of the last two seasons. He’s not anyone to count on for 2012.

    The guy makes no sense on the Bears. They like Kellen Davis, and he has NEVER been given a chance in a Bears offense that uses the tight end. This is the year to give him a shot. Evan Rodriguez is the young up and comer, and Davis is the starter. He has crazy physical talent, and this is the year to see what he can do.

    There is absolutely no way in Hell the Bears bring Cooley in, and they shouldn’t.

    No team is making the Super Bowl because they add a broken down, TE #2. The Jeremy Shockeys and Chris Cooleys of the World are not needed in Chicago right now.

    • alibud69

      First you are incorrect to assert he has missed major parts of the past two seasons. in 2010 coming off of surgery he played all 16 games with 77 catches for 849 yards, at an average of 11.0 yards per catch equal highest figures for yards in a season for his career.

      We move to E.Rod unlike many other ‘pros’ in this league Cooley takes a keen interest in coaching and mentoring everyone within his group to be better players, Fred Davis TE who has taken his job has spoken extremly highly of the progression he has made with Cooley mentoring him.

      I respect your opinion but are we really going to question poor pass blocking and overlook how dire Kellen Davis is in this regard also.

      He is healthy, and this isn’t Washington. The Bears have so many weapons for Cutler to play with this season it isnt even funny, but our TE unit is not a strength.

      I have spoken extensively about this all summer. I really don’t feel that Tyler Clutts has a place on this roster, regardless of a differing in opinion on Davis and both liking the flashes we have seen from E.Rod, I would keep them both on the team. But Matt Spaeth really hasn’t done much to warrent a job with this team and is due $2.3million this season, Kyle Adams again flashes in preseason but really his blocking has been terrible against 3rd string units this preseason also. A heakthy Cooley would be a better option at similar money to Spaeth any day of the week and twice on Sundays

  • RealityCheck

    Go ahead and toss Rodriguez aside and see what happens in the long run. He is has best upside in the TE group and we’ll see how his career numbers compare to Cooley when all is said and done. Now if want to replace either of the two starters ahead of E-Rod, not many people are going to argue.