NFL Rumors: Jerry Jones Didn't Impose "Dez Rules"

By Ben Grimaldi

When word came down a few days ago about the “Dez Rules” on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, I think we all assumed it was a plan put forth by Jerry Jones. Especially since they were very similar to the restrictions the Cowboys and Jones put on Adam “Pacman” Jones a few years back.

Apparently that is not the case.

Jones told KRLD-FM,  “I’m not so sure where media has come up with detail of this nature.” He was then asked if the Cowboys put the rules in place for Bryant and Jones flatly said “No.”

Of course Jerry is not one to hold his tongue, so he expanded on the situation with Bryant, “I’m not going to discuss any of the rules, because that implies that there are a certain set of rules,” Jones said. “I don’t know that that’s correct, either. So really, just by the nature of it, it’s not one that you would really discuss. We have rules of behavior in the NFL and we have rules of behavior with the Cowboys as well. So I’m not so sure there’s been any new rule created here.”

There you have it, the “Dez Rules” did not come from Jerry Jones.

Where the rules came from is irrelevant. The fact is they are in place and Dez Bryant must adhere to them or risk losing what he loves most in his life, football.

Whether you believe the rules are great for Bryant to take a big step in becoming a better person or if you question why the rules have to exist at all for a 23-year old is also irrelevant. The only thing that matters now is that they are in place.

The sad truth is very few of us really care about Dez Bryant the person. The only thing that matters to any of us is if he can stay on the field and produce for the Dallas Cowboys. I am just as guilty as any of you in thinking that way.

None of us care about where the rules came from, we’re all just glad they’re in place. Am I wrong?


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