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Dallas Cowboys Need to Find Post-Stephen McGee Project QB

No cowboy wants to hear “this is your last ride.” That applies to the boys whobreak horses for a living as well as the NFL‘s Dallas Cowboys. Stephen McGee has been the team’s third-string quarterback for three years, he likely won’t return for a fourth and he shouldn’t. He hasn’t improved at all since being drafted in the fourth round in 2009, so it’s time for both parties to move on.

Sure, all you Texas A&M Aggies might say he just needs a change of scenery, but none of your former players besides the Denver BroncosVon Miller have made much noise at the next level, so put a sock in it. McGee’s time in Dallas is up and everyone in Cowboys Nation wishes him well in his future, whether that be in the NFL or PBR (Professional Bull Riding).

As for the team, it’s not yet time for the Cowboys to find Tony Romo‘s heir. Dallas’ signal-caller turned 32 in April and he didn’t play until his third season in the NFL, so he’s probably got four or five good years left. However, the team should consider another project quarterback like McGee in the meantime.

If you think McGee was drafted to become the Cowboys’ starter in three or four seasons, you’re not a fan of the team, you’re a bandwagon wannabe. He was brought on to be a project quarterback or one that needs several years to try and transform from a college quarterback to a pro passer. Sure, most rookie quarterbacks in the NFL need a year or two to adjust, but a project player is different.

The New York JetsTim Tebow is a project player, although he’s not being treated like one. So while the Cowboys don’t need to find the “quarterback of the future,” it would be wise to grab a project quarterback in the late rounds of the draft. This past April, Boise State‘s Kellen Moore and Houston‘s Kase Keenum would have been nice options.

These are players who you know won’t even dress for the regular season for at least two years, but are worth taking on as projects because of their potential and upside. Moore might turn out to be a dynamite quarterback with some time around the league and Lord knows he’ll be an excellent coach one day. Dallas could definitely use a guy like that.

Let’s not forget Rudy Carpenter, who will likely be kept on the practice squad if he performs halfway decently in the Cowboys’ final preseason game against the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday night. He’s not a project or an heir, though. He’s just a body in case both Romo and Kyle Orton happen to get injured.

Who are some good project candidates in the 2013 NFL Draft? Rant your comments below!

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