Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Has Roster Decisions to Make

The dog days of summer are upon us as it noted in baseball, but that also only means that football is right around the corner. As the preseason ends each NFL must make key roster decisions to get down to the required 53 man squad.

The Detroit Lions have one more preseason game against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday. After that, the team will have until Friday night at 9 to make the final decisions necessary to get down to 53.

Believe or not there is a strategy to making roster cuts that goes beyond just keeping the 53 best players. The Lions need to have depth, which means the team needs to know where they are strong at and where they are weak at as well. To the credit of HC Jim Schwartz he has been giving the media his best poker face in regard to roster cuts.

It doesn’t take an Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs type of mind to figure out that the Lions need to be deep at specific positions. The team has questions at the running back spot and the defensive secondary too. QB Kellen Moore is one of the players considered to be on the bubble.

Players still have spots on the line tomorrow against the Bills so it is important to note that roster projections can change from now until Friday. The next few will largely decide how the Lions depth chart looks week one against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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