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Jason Garrett Says Tony Romo Is Like John Elway

A few months back when I had my own blog on the Dallas Cowboys, I wrote that Tony Romo still has plenty of football left to play, so let’s let him play it out before we put him on any kind of list, good or bad. I went on to say how I remembered a couple of lists that John Elway was on before his last two seasons as a Denver Bronco, when he became a Super Bowl Champion.

I wasn’t comparing the two players’ body of work, just the perception of them. Elway was considered a player who “couldn’t win the big one” despite all his stats and winning record. Sound familiar?

Again, I’m not saying Romo is as good as Elway was or comparing the statistics. Instead I am saying all the labels people like to put on players are nonsense until their careers come to an end. Apparently Jason Garrett reads my articles, although it’s probably more believable that he holds a similar opinion.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Garrett said “He’s more than capable of winning a Super Bowl in this league,” referring to Romo. “Look at John Elway. He went 14, 15 years without winning one, and all of a sudden Denver runs it better and plays better defense, and he wins two, and now people think of him as a top three quarterback of all time. With Tony, we’ve just got to be better around him, and I think we will be.”

Garrett is Romo’s coach, so it makes sense to believe in him but the point is dead on. People love to blame Romo for everything bad that happens to the Cowboys, but there are so many factors that go into who wins and loses that it’s almost comical how much blame he receives.

Yes, he fumbled the snap against the Seattle Seahawks, but Seattle would have had the ball with about a minute to play and only needing a field goal to win, so are we sure Dallas wins that game? The next season, Patrick Crayton drops a sure first down pass for big yards against the New York Giants or that playoff game probably turns out different. I know for certain that playoff game turns out differently if Crayton doesn’t stop his route when he was wide open for a touchdown with under :30 seconds to play, yet we still blame Romo for that loss.

Romo certainly isn’t perfect, but perhaps if he had some better luck, people wouldn’t blame him for everything. He’s getting better every year and Garrett seems to be building a better team around Romo to help him finish his career like Elway finished his.

The bottom line is we shouldn’t be writing the Romo story until he’s retired. He said it himself last year during an interview, he would be judged when his career was over and that his story hasn’t been written yet.

So why do we keep trying to write it for him?

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