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Jimmy Johnson’s Super Bowl Prediction for Tony Romo Depends on Dallas Cowboys’ Team

The Dallas Cowboys used to back up big boasts when Jimmy Johnson was the team’s head coach. Johnson’s most famous episode was in 1993 when he guaranteed his team would beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game for the second straight year. The Cowboys then went out and did just that.

Now Johnson is making slightly less boastful predictions as an analyst. On Wednesday, he said he thinks Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can win a Super Bowl.

“The guy is a great quarterback,” Johnson said. “You’ve got to win the ring to get it done. I think Romo can get it done. I love Tony Romo.”

When asked specifically, Johnson went on to say “I believe it’s going to happen,” but that’s not a guarantee. Johnson didn’t say Romo will get it done. He said he thinks the quarterback can do it. There’s a big different there.

That may or or may not be true and Cowboys fans will argue the point until it happens or the team finds a new signal-caller. Regardless, it all doesn’t just depend on Romo.

The Cowboys’ defense was horrendous the past two seasons and, while that unit may be better this year, Romo now has to deal with a subpar offensive line, to put it politely. As the old saying goes, “he can’t throw the ball while lying on his back.”

Romo proved last year he’s tough and he can be a leader. He played through broken ribs, a punctured lung, an incapable group of young receivers and a center who didn’t know the snap count. Sure, he had his moments, like the fumble in the end zone against the New York Jets in Week 1, but he played very well overall. Romo certainly did much better in 2011 than any other year.

However, that didn’t keep the Cowboys from finishing 8-8 after giving up four leads in the fourth quarter of at least 12 points. Not even a Hall of Fame quarterback could win with a defense like that.

Romo very well may win a Super Bowl in Dallas, but Johnson didn’t guarantee that. He’s far too intelligent to say something that outlandish. Johnson said Romo can win a title, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will because it doesn’t depend entirely on him.

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