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Washington Redskins Best Team In the NFL, Says Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said as far as he’s concerned, the Washington Redskins are the best team in the NFL.

The son of racing legend Dale Earnhardt Sr. got a chance to speak during the Redskins’ halftime show Wednesday night. He said he watched his first game when they played the Miami Dolphins in 1982 in  Super Bowl XVII, winning 27-17.  “That’s the first game I remember watching and I’ve been a fan ever since,” he said.

And how did he become a Redskins fan? His father wasn’t, he said. It appears to come from his connection to Norfolk, Va.

“My mother lived in Norfolk for 20 years. When you grew up in Norfolk that’s all you’d see is Redskins stuff. I was getting helmets and jerseys for Christmas. I just always pulled for them.”

I’m not sure what Joe Theismann was getting at when he asked him about the 100 races he went winless, but I’m assuming that it was to connect to the rough times the team has gone through from not making to the playoffs or  a Super Bowl in a long, long time.

Earnhardt snapped a 143-race drought of going winless in June at Michigan International Speedway this year on Father’s Day.

“When you’re not able to perform like you think you should, it’s easy to  get frustrated.,” Earnhardt said. “It’s easy to beat yourself up or get down. You just gotta keep showing up each week, trying every week…Eventually something’s gonna change, something’s gonna click and you gotta get back on track.”

And how dedicated is Earnhardt to being a Redskins fan? He said that whenever there’s a break in the racing, he thinks about the Redskins.

“There’s some races you gotta concentrate and you’re focusing but for example,  when at Talladega when it slows down a little bit under caution, I’m curious about how the Redskins are doing.  I can’t think about anything else until I know.”

Now that’s a proud member of the Redskins Nation.

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