Will the Real Larry English Please Stand Up?

By T.C. Coshow

The San Diego Chargers, expect certain things of a 1st round draft Pick. The anticipation of a fan base, and the demand from the team who just paid a significant sum for services yet to be rendered, are overwhelming to say the least. The mounting pressure on a 16th overall pick might also be intensified when the team took a gamble on a small school player (Him) in the first round. That pressure might become suffocating when, after three seasons, the Outside Linebacker from Northern Illinois starts only four times. Injury and less than stellar play, could lead to a lonely place for a former two-time MAC Player of the Year.

Welcome to the world of Larry English.

The Chargers took a shot on Larry English in the 2009 draft. His athleticism, size, and collegiate accolades, were too persuasive for a 3-4 team like San Diego to resist in the 1st round. Unfortunately the 43.0 tackles and 7.0 sacks recorded by English in his tenure as a Chargers Linebacker, haven’t instilled much confidence in the fan base – or the organization.

The Chargers had no choice but to draft All-American Melvin Ingram this off-season, to fill the void left by English’s ineffectiveness. Ingram has made an immediate impact and the Chargers can’t wait for him to be 100% healthy, after a Week two thigh injury. In the interim some guy named English has had a very nice preseason for San Diego. His 4.0 tackles in 2.0 sacks against the Minnesota Vikings in were some of the game’s most exciting moments.

The flashes of Larry English on display this preseason, have to inspire mixed emotions. Is this just the yearly reminder of how good Larry English could be? Or is this finally the year Chargers fans see the Larry English San Diego drafted in 2009? One way or the other, the Chargers will tangle with the Oakland Raiders on Sept 10th and a rejuvenated Larry English would make a nice addition to Coach John Pagano’s arsenal.

Todd Coshow is a Chargers Columnist for rantsports.com. He can be reached via email at tcrants44@gmail.com and follow Todd on twitter @TC_Coshow

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