Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions Preseason Week 4 Preview

By Scott DelleFave

In the final tune up before the regular season, the Buffalo Bills are travelling to the Motor City to take on the Detroit Lions. The fourth game of preseason is the final evaluation tool management including coaches and general managers use to decide who makes the final 53-man roster before the regular season starts.

For the Buffalo Bills and head coach Chan Gailey, it has been a good and bad preseason for them. The good: No serious injuries to vital positions and/or big name players. The bad: the team has looked good for a quarter than seemingly looked anemic at best.

I have a feeling this anemic play is a rouse, as Chan uses preseason as evaluation only, and doesn’t put any stock into winning.  Also if you don’t show all of your cards, and play lousy teams might start over looking you, as the Bills aren’t making too many mistakes, minus C.J. Spiller‘s fumble, and a few interceptions, but now onto the game itself.

Like I previously said, the fourth week of the preseason is to see which players bounce off of the bubble and make the team or pop the bubble and get cut. With this being said, I think the starters for both teams will barely play, if at all, especially if they have even a slight injury, no reason to chance things. If you want to look up how not to run a 4th preseason game, watch the Kansas City Chiefs last year under then head coach Todd Hailey.

I expect the Buffalo Bills to do fairly well in this game since Detroit is being bothered by an injury bug and has made them incredibly thin on offense to say the least and I think at least some of our backups could be starters on other teams, if the positioning is right.

I think the score will be 24-14 with the Buffalo Bills winning and going 1-3 in preseason and escaping injury free.

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