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Madden and Me and My Detroit Lions

I have this love-hate relationship with John Madden. I didn’t grow up knowing him as an awesome coach, like many other older football fans. I grew up listening to him (usually) bash my beloved Detroit Lions during their famous Thanksgiving Day game he was broadcasting. Him and his little sidekick Pat Summerall would always point out the flaws of the plays, the players, and the management for the team, while only once in a while highlighting a bright spot. The bright spots included Barry Sanders and maybe a good play or two…but they were usually few and far between.

When he retired from CBS, I can’t say that I was sad. And since I’m not a video game player, I didn’t really care about his Madden NFL 13 video game or anything else he did. Once in a while his mug would show up on the football screen because he was watching a game (probably the Oakland Raiders) and I was OK with it since he wasn’t talking. Or ranting. Or bashing my Lions. Him and I parted ways and I was able to listen to other broadcasters announce the game with a little less bias against the Lions.

Until yesterday. Madden decided to insert himself in to my happy little place and destroy my ideals for the future. Or at least this video game thing his name is attached to has put a crimp in my step. Do people really follow what a video game will predict for the future? Does Madden have any say in the end result? It doesn’t matter though, because I am going to blame him for this directly until I hear differently.

His video game Madden 13 released yesterday interrupted my image where Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are posing for cameras and holding up the Lombardi Trophy dated 2013. Why? WHY? Why can’t  Madden leave my Lions alone and go pick on some other team that deserves it this year? First, he puts Johnson on the cover to battle the Madden curse out and then the game doesn’t even allow the Lions to make the playoffs – video game version or not, we deserve better!

Seriously. They made it to the playoffs last year with the core team they have in place now. With another year under their belt, they have gotten used to each other more and can only get better, right? Don’t the game developers ever watch football?

If the key players can remain injury free, then I think they have a shot at making the playoffs and at least winning the first game and moving on to the second round. But then again, I am a Lions fan. I have only had hope and faith to live with for the past 20 years and not hash marks in the win column. Diehard Lions fans are really good at hoping and praying for wins, because we do it a lot. So Madden, or Madden 13 football video game, you can keep your opinion about my Lions this season and stop squashing my hopes for the future. Go pick on someone else’s team for the next version too, please…I’m going back to daydreaming about Stafford and that Lombardi Trophy.