NFL Preseason Preview: New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek

There is no surprise that every “professional” preview has the slight edge in favor of the New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans  for tonight’s game. However, if their strengths are utilized properly, the Titans may be able to end their preseason 3-1.

Look at some stats such as yards per game; the Saints tower over the Titans in every category.  They lead in total yards per game (467.1 vs. 335.1), passing yards (334.2 vs, 245.2) and rushing yards per game, (132.9 vs. 89.9).

When you look at the progress that Jake Locker has already made, it is a sure sign that he is going to be able to step it up as the season goes along. I’m prepared to see him be a little bit more creative with using his options on the field. He has guys like Chris Johnson, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright and Jared Cook – all of which have already made lasting impressions this preseason.

Having big weapons is something that the Saints are used to also. They have to be sure they don’t come into this game thinking just because they are the New Orleans Saints that they have this game in the bag. Drew Brees only has 316 passing yards this preseason.

Jimmy Graham is going to be one of the bigger threats when it comes to receiving and even he only has 48 yards for the preseason.

Chris Johnson has 81 rushing yards between games against the Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinals. Nate Washington has 63 yards receiving. Kendall Wright is simply the Cinderella story of a player so far for Tennessee, he LEADS the team in receptions with eight completed for 100 yards and a touchdown.

With resources like this, there should be no question that Tennessee can have this game if they play at the right times. I feel though in the end it will be a deciding factor and the pressure will be put on Rob Bironas with his extra points and field goal attempts.



Tennessee 30    New Orleans: 27

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