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NFL Rumors: Is Lawrence Vickers on the Roster Bubble?

Now that all the preseason games are over for the Dallas Cowboys, come the roster cuts.  Some cuts will be easy, some will be hard and some will be complete surprises.

One that may be a surprise cut, is recently signed fullback Lawrence Vickers.  How can that be you may ask?  Well, rumor is that the Cowboys haven’t been impressed with Vickers’ play.  Vickers didn’t get much playing time during the preseason and it’s rumored that the Cowboys would actually prefer Jamaize Olawale because he’s younger and cheaper to keep.

That’s surprising given that Vickers was brought in to be an upgrade from Tony Fiammetta.  Vickers has led the way led the way for multiple 1000-yard rushers, most recently as a member of the Houston Texans.  He paved the way for Arian Foster helping him reach an impressive 2,840 yards and 26 touchdowns over the span of two seasons.

Along with an impressive resume, Vickers also brings an undoubted charisma and leadership to the team that can’t be taught.  That leadership was evident during Wednesday’s game, when Vickers was the first player on the team to greet and congratulate linebacker Orie Lemon on his interception return for a touchdown during the final preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

Olawale, however, proved his versatility throughout practice and during games by subbing in at both running back and fullback.  I honestly think that if he proves his worth on special teams, Olawale can beat Vickers out for the roster spot.  That’s not to say that Olawale is or should be the player the Cowboys should or need to keep, but it does make things very interesting before the rosters are finalized Friday night.

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