No Looking Back For St. Louis Rams After Passing On Robert Griffin III

By Anthony Blake

Several people questioned the St. Louis Rams and their General Manager Les Snead for his decision to trade down from the second overall pick in April’s draft and pass on the chance to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. The only opinions that matter however are in the Rams’ front office and the confidence of those in charge is solely behind current signal caller Sam Bradford.

The sole reason that the Rams chose to go in a different direction and accumulate year’s worth of draft picks for the rights to RG3 is because they believe in their former number one overall pick. According to Snead: “The players you acquire during your reign, and how they produce, is what you are going to be measured by, not really one particular player another team picked. I think our mantra here in this building is we are going to stack good decisions, and I think as we stack good decisions, good things will happen for this organization.”

This idea of several good decisions adding up over the course of time will certainly have the chance to play itself out given the fact that the team will have two first round picks in each of the next two drafts. Snead has already proven that he likes to move around in the draft order as he also traded down from the Washington Redskins draft slot after making the RG3 deal. The Rams still landed defensive tackle Michael Brockers, a player with loads of potential that can step in and immediately upgrade a position of need as well as wideout Brian Quick, cornerback Janoris Jenkins, and running back Isaiah Pead in the second round.

Building a solid organization is about much more than just the first round picks and Snead has taken that idea to heart. The success of RG3 will in many ways be tied to the public opinion of the St Louis Rams over the coming years, but if Bradford can grow into the quarterback that the Rams believe him to be, all of that will fall by the wayside.

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