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Preview: Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs will both be playing their final preseason game as the regular season is less than two weeks away. Both teams are expected not to play many starters and the game should feature plenty of players who are trying to make the final roster cuts.

As for the Packers, this game will be a great opportunity for backup quarterback Graham Harrell to prove he is worthy of the backup position. Harrell has been struggling and there has been rumors on whether or not the Packers will sign another backup in place of Harrell. Coach Mike McCarthy has said that he has seen progress in Harrell, but from what the fans have seen during preseason games, that is hard to believe. He doesn’t seem comfortable in the pocket and he is making unnecessary throws. There has been multiple times where Harrell has thrown into double coverage and tried to fit throws in places that no quarterback can do. Now Harrell will have a good bit of playing time tonight and hopefully he will be able to get into a rhythm.

At the running back position, Alex Green will have a bigger role with the team in the final preseason game. Green is coming off major knee surgery from last season and the Packers have been very cautious in his work load as he is slowly be integrated back into the offense. The Packers would like to get at least 10 touches for Green during the game against the Chiefs. Green has plenty of potential with Green Bay, he has a quick first step and has great open field speed. He should be a good outside rusher for the Packers or someone that they can use for screen plays or quick shuffle passes.

On the defensive side of the ball, this game will provide the rookies with another opportunity to show what they can on the field. Players like Jerel Worthy need to show some improvement as he has not done much so far in the preseason. The second-round draft pick has been practically invisible so far and coach McCarthy is expecting to see more out of him tonight.

This game tonight won’t be too much of an indication of what will happen in the regular season, but this will be the most important game of the season for those who are trying to make the team.


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