Timing of Starter Video Featuring Tony Romo Further Embarrasses Dallas Cowboys

The fans are sick of it in more ways than one. The Dallas Cowboys‘ organization simply cannot stop embarrassing itself. On Tuesday, a video was released of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo doing one of those dramatic workouts with his own voiceover for Starter, the brand he endorses. Watch it below and you’ll be shaking your head, too.

The Cowboys have been the NFL‘s punchline for 15 years and it’s mostly because of owner Jerry Jones, who embarrasses the team daily, with the latest being his feature in a rap video for Papa John’s. Now, Romo’s video was nearly that embarrassing, but for the face of Jones’ franchise to make any sort of “statement” right now is simply foolish.

The rest of the football world literally cannot stop laughing at the Cowboys as Jones and head coach Jason Garrett say the most ridiculous things almost on a daily basis. When you aren’t exactly popular for the right reasons, you’re supposed to lay low. Apparently Jerry didn’t get that memo or he fired his PR (public relations) guy a month ago when all this started with his “glory hole” comment.

Nothing against Romo. His video is fine and a lot of players have made similar ones. However, they’re usually Super Bowl champs or MVPs that make these videos and their teams aren’t being laughed out of the league. Romo should have waited until a high point in the season (if there is one) to launch this video.

Starter should have known better, too. What kind of brand that isn’t exactly a household name wants this kind of negative publicity? If Romo had just completed a game like the one he had against the Buffalo Bills last year then yes, by all means, release this video. But not now.

If anyone out there is a PR specialist or knows one, please direct them to 1 Legends Way in Arlington, Texas, immediately.

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  • DJ

    I understood the video to acknowledge the team’s failures under Romo’s watch and communicate dedication and a desire to redeem those failures. What better time to do that than the beginning of the year when hope springs eternal. I.e. The Panthers player who took out an ad in their local paper saying they will win the Super Bowl this year. Talk about ridiculous!

    • Danny

      Yes exactly!! That was my understanding of the video as well. It doesn’t embaress the Cowboys at all IMO. These failures are well known. Showing Tonys desire to get past them is expressing what every Cowboys fan wants from their quarterback.

  • Ronald

    How was the timing on this bad. He’s saying hes working to accomplish his goals not that he has accomplished them. I thought the commercial was EXTREMELY well done and the timing could not have been better. It makes me believe him and that the team is going somewhere this year.

  • Rick Mage

    I’m a Cowboys fan, and I see nothing wrong with this video. Of course, fans from all the other teams might see something wrong with it, but who cares??