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NFL Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Cut 12, 10 To Go On Roster

The Detroit Lions have officially released 11 players, rumored to have let one more go, which leaves 10 more waiting for the call.

Who has been cut so far? The list isn’t really surprising, since the players were rumored to be on the chopping block for days.  The list officially cut includes:

Alex Gottlieb

Edmon McClam

Wallace Miles

Austin Wells

Pat Boyle

Ugo Chinasa

Nate Hughes

Carmen Messina

Ross Weaver

Tracy Robertson

Ryan Donahue

In the early preseason, Donahue looked to have a clear shot at the punting spot since he was younger than Ben Graham who was also trying for the spot. Age doesn’t mean everything though, as Graham showed more consistency last night and managed to boot a 49 yarder when the Lions needed to prevent the Buffalo Bills from scoring. The Lions could use a bit of consistency too, and Graham was rewarded with the position.

The unconfirmed person cut is Alphonso Smith. The only mild surprise thus far is that Smith, if he was let go, was let go early, despite stepping in and playing at safety last night in the last preseason game. His name has only been leaked as being cut, so rumors are swirling as to the truth of the claim still. With just over three hours left to make the last cuts official, fans won’t be left waiting long for the answer.

Jonte Green remains safe, as does Kellen Moore and Kassim Osgood. Willie Young and Ronnell Lewis are still safe too…will they be in the next round where the receivers are trimmed?

Do you agree with the cuts made so far?