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Green Bay Packers Win Final Preseason Game 24-3 Over Kansas City Chiefs

The Green Bay Packers looked dominant in their win against the Kansas City Chiefs, beating them by the final score of 24-3. The victory made the Packers final preseason record 2-2, winning each of the last two games.

This game featured mainly the second-string players which was led by backup quarterback Graham Harrell. After struggling in the first three games this preseason, Harrell showed significant improvement in this game against the Chiefs. He went 13 for 15 for 223 yards, had two touchdowns and zero interceptions. Fans have been waiting for this type of performance out of Harrell who has struggled to find any rhythm prior to the game against the Chiefs.

It was being questioned whether or not Harrell was worthy of the backup role, but he silenced his doubters with his performance last night. However, it was only one game and he did struggle in the three other games he was in. Harrell needs to find the consistency that even a backup quarterback should have. In the game before this one, Harrell started out the game 1 for 10, those are the types of performances that can’t happen if his services are needed. The Packers have a talented offense and if Rodgers does get hurt, just solid play should be able to keep the Packers in contention for wins.

As for the defense, their results were mixed. They allowed over 200 yards of rushing, but still only managed to give up 3 points. This was due in large part from two goal-line stands. The Green Bay defense has been executing their goal line defense perfectly so far in the preseason and hopefully that success can transfer over to the regular season.

This win was very impressive by the second-string team and many players who were on the roster bubble stepped up in a big way. With final roster cuts happening right now, it will be interesting to see which players stepped up enough to stay on the team for this promising season.


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