Jeffrey Lurie Says An 8-8 Record Will Not Save Andy Reid's Job

By Frank Benditt III

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie held his annual ‘state of the team’ address yesterday.  Typically, Lurie does not really say a whole lot that fans really care about.  The yearly address is usually filled heavily with praise for the success of the organization.

This year, Lurie actually answered a direct question that fans have been wanting to know.  After he stated that he expects “substantial improvement” for the 2012 season, Lurie was asked if another 8-8 season could save Andy Reid’s job.  Luries replied bluntly, “No, it would not.”

Lurie went even further to reiterate that fact that 8-8 was a “really unacceptable outcome.”  Andy Reid has two more years left on his current contract.  Lurie explained that Reid’s contract would not be addressed until the season was over.

Earlier this summer, Andy Reid’s agent, Bob LaMonte, said to the press that, “As long as Lurie is the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy will be his coach.”  During Lurie’s address, he was asked about how he felt about LaMonte’s comment.  Lurie responded by saying, “We have a very set philosophy.  We don’t talk publicly about the performances of the key executives and coaches.”

Surprisingly, Lurie even commented that the death of Andy’s son, Garrett Reid, would not factor in to his decision of whether or not Reid would keep his job after the season.  Lurie candidly said, “Andy will always have our sympathy and support, but this is a business and you’re there to win and win big.  You have to seperate the two.  All the analysis will be on Andy Reid, the coach.”

With all things being considered, I was pleased with Jeffrey Lurie’s straightforwardness.  I do not think his comments shocked Andy Reid.  Reid is all to aware of the pressure he is under to deliver a sterling season.  After all, the Super Bowl is the only goal that Reid has left to accomplish.



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