Joe Vitt Hands New Orleans Saints Over to Aaron Kromer

We knew the time was coming when Coach Joe Vitt would have to hand over the head coaching job to during his suspension. The BountyGate suspensions handed down to the New Orleans Saints included that Vitt be suspended for six-games.

While most people think that week 4 preseason games are meaningless, it was of the utmost importance to Vitt. It was his time to set the standard for his team before he has to depart.

While being interviewed after the game yesterday, Vitt said, “I just told the guys it’s been my honor and my pleasure and it really has been.”

This had to be an emotional game for Vitt to hand the team over to Aaron Kromer after. Vitt has been the one grinding through all the problems with this team since BountyGate happened and head coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year.

The ones who have to go through the most growing pains are the players. There really is no consistency on this team going into the regular season. More than anything, I think Vitt just wanted to let the team know that he’ll be back and to continue to play ‘Saints football.’ I’m pretty sure that Vitt left the Saints in perfect shape leading up to their season opener against the Washington Redskins.

One things for sure, if anyone was worried about this Saints team not being able to perform because of all the punishments, you are very incorrect. I have a feeling this team is going to play with the most heart and fight until the end. You might see a more united team and when that happens, you know it’s going to be trouble.

While Vitt will be missed, with a leader like Drew Brees on your team the Saints will be just fine. That guy will take the team under his wing, like he’s done since he arrived, and take them to the playoffs like normal. I don’t see many changes being made except for the players. They will still have the same style of play and same determination to win.

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  • Chris Dalgaard

    Krissy, while I appreciate your passion for and occasional frustration with the Saints, you must learn how to structure a sentence, and not to necessarily write the way you are thinking. Several statements contradicted each other, while most of it is just generally non-sensical. I actually made my wife read this in case it was a “Venus-Mars” thing…it wasn’t. She agreed you need to be more clear and concise with each statement, don’t run them together like they do in your head, etc. it is an honor to be published, especially on a topic one is passionate about. Treat it as such and refine your skills.

    • Krissy Brierre


      While I understand everything you are saying, we are asked to give our opinion on subjects that we write about. Which is what I do. Also, where in this article did I voice frustration with the Saints? If anything, I praised them for their ability to maintain composure through all the inconsistencies. I could see if you were referring to my article in which I wrote MY OPINION on the Bounty situation, but this had nothing to do with that. The only time I mentioned BountyGate was when I stated his suspension. At no point did I run sentences together in my head either. I actually just had a friend, that is head editor for AJC, look over my article and they said for the type of piece I wrote, this is highly accurate. If I was writing a piece that didn’t require my opinion, then this wouldn’t be appropriate. All I ask if that you ask me before you judge.