Pittsburgh Steelers Roster Cuts-Team Trims to Final 53

By Curt Popejoy

The NFL deadline has come and gone, the Pittsburgh Steelers roster cuts have arrived and the team has trimmed their roster down to it’s final number of 53.  Here is a rundown of the guys who didn’t quite make it.

Damon Cromartie-Smith, CB

Terrence Frederick, CB

Josh Victorian, CB

Brandon Hicks, LB

Marshall McFadden, LB

Corbin Bryant, DL

Igbinosun Ikponmwosa, DL

Jake Stoller, DL

Jerrod Johnson, QB

DuJuan Harris, RB

Tyler Beiler, WR

Toney Clemons, WR

David Gilreath, WR

Marquis Maze, WR

Derrick Williams, WR

Ryan Lee, OL

John Malecki OL

Chris Scott, OL

Trai Essex, OL

Jeremy Kapinos, P

On the surface a few of these moves really trouble me.  First is the release of quarterback Jerrod Johnson.  The fact that this front office has more faith in Byron Leftwich makes me pray that this team doesn’t need it’s backup quarterback.  I said in an earlier article that I expected veteran Charlie Batch to stay, but hoped the Steelers would look to the youth in Johnson, but they stuck with what they know.

The release of Trai Essex was unexpected considering the number of injuries to the line, cutting a player with starting experience is a little puzzling, but Essex was never a great talent, so I suppose this makes sense.

The wide receiver position was hotly contested on the back end, so we knew that guys would get cut that have done well and that was the case here.  A lot of folks in the Pittsburgh area were convinced that David Gilreath was a lock, so I’m sure that release surprised many.

As far as the running backs go, I am not at all surprised the last guy signed was the first guy cut, and I’m not at all shocked they kept an extra back, considering all the injuries.  Don’t rule out a veteran signing here as well as other teams cut players.  Calling Tim Hightower?

There’s nothing here that really stood out to me, unless you consider the cutting of Jeremy Kapinos a big deal, but my understanding is that he’s injured.

Well Steelers fans, we have our final 53 (for the most part).  What do you like about this group and what scares you?  Let me hear it right here!

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