Ryan Mallett Emerges As Only Backup In New England

In what has become a result of the New England Patriots releasing 3 year quarterback Brian Hoyer in order to get to the roster limit of 53 players, Ryan Mallett has emerged as the lone backup of Tom Brady.

Coming into camp, Mallett stood as the third quarterback on Bill Belichick‘s roster, but after playing a pretty preseason and outplaying Hoyer, he allowed the decision to cut Hoyer a bit easier. In four game Mallet threw for 300 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. He also ended the preseason with a quarterback rating of 70.5 and completed 49.3 percent of his passes.

Mallet’s best game this preseason came in a loss against the Philadelphia Eagles. He went 10 for 20 on his throws, threw for 105 yards and threw a touchdown. He ended the game with a quarterback rating of 82.3 percent.

As Hoyer only played 43 total snaps in his three-year career, expect the same type of production from Mallett as Brady has stated that he wants to player with the Patriots well into his forties.

As Mallett develops behind Brady until his departure, the staff is hoping that they can follow the same blueprint the Green Bay Packers followed with Aaron Rodgers: develop Mallett for years and allow him to step into the offensively freely when Brady retires.

Barring a sever injury to Brady, Mallet will continue to develop as the number two quarterback on the depth chart and if the opportunity arises, with his current talent, he should be able to carry the team for a short amount of time.

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