Washington Redskins: NFL Roster Cuts Underway

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins continue their roster cuts today, letting go of players that gave a great showing this preseason.

The following players that  have been cut as per the Washington Post: Wide receiver Terrence Austin, cornerback Brandyn Thompson, linebacker Bryan Kehl, nose tackle Delvin Johnson, defensive end Doug Worthington, offensive lineman Grant Garner,offensive lineman Willie Smith, running back Tristan Davis and cornerback Travon Bellamy.

Backup QB Jonathan Crompton was released twice this week.

Other players released (via DC Pro Sports Report) include cornerback David Jones, linebacker Brian McNally,defensive tackle Marlon Favorite(this one surprised me).

Do the NFL roster cuts feel different this year? I think so. I think it’s because of the depth of talent we’ve seen during the preseason. There have been some breakout stars on the field this preseason. To see anyone lose their job is always hard.

Like I’ve said before, jobs are already hard to come by, no mater what field of work you’re in.  I think the difference this year is the magic word I’m sure you’ve heard all summer: Depth.

At one point we had very little, and now it’s overflowing. NFL roster cuts are part of the  business. It’s the part of the sport that slims down a team and makes its front office really think about depth. For the Redskins this year, depth is not an issue: Only performance. The team that has been assembled has a great chance to make it to the playoffs. You can have all the depth you want and still be watching the playoffs at your house if the team can’t perform.

Is there a chance you’ll see the names cut from the roster on other teams? Yeah. These guys are good players.

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