Dallas Cowboys Surprisingly Keep Stephen McGee

The Dallas Cowboys have trimmed down to the 53-man roster as mandated by the NFL and as expected some preseason fan-favorites were cut.  The biggest surprise – at least for me – weren’t the cuts, but who the Cowboys kept.

For some reason the Cowboys decided to keep three quarterbacks on the roster.  Nothing against Stephen McGee, but he’s not an NFL caliber quarterback plain and simple.  In my opinion, McGee brings nothing to the table that we haven’t seen already.

In three separate occasions he’s been given the chance to be the back-up quarterback and has failed to make any progress.  I don’t see what the Cowboys see in McGee.  What I do see, however, is Jerry Jones holding onto yet another failed Texas A&M experiment.

In my opinion roster spots are just too valuable to invest in someone who’s not going to see the field.  When the Cowboys signed Kyle Orton to a three-year deal, which included a $5 million signing bonus, it clearly meant that McGee can’t do the job, does it not?

To keep McGee on the roster the team cut ties with some promising young prospects, which included the likes of Danny Coale, Lance Dunbar and Jamize Olawale.  All of who could have contributed to the team in one way or another and certainly in many more ways than McGee can.

If you ask me, anyone who’s the third string anything on the team should be able to contribute on special teams.  The Cowboys should have just cut the “check-down machine,” instead they will now run the risk of losing one of those promising young players to another team.

It’s moves like this that make me question if Jones knows what he’s doing.


Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports.com

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