NFL Rumors: DT Shaun Smith Highly Interested in Rejoining Kansas City Chiefs

By Beta311

I wanted to write a short little blurb about some rumors that surfaced earlier in the week.  Usually I don’t write stuff this short, but this is something I felt deserved special mention.  Apparently, former Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs DT Shaun Smith was heavily interested in coming back to Kansas City.  In 2010, he was a big part of the Chiefs’ defensive success.  That year, he acquired such names as “nutgrabber” and “deep freeze.”  Smith even scored a touchdown that year and it was clear how much of an asset he really was to this football team.

Unfortunately, in 2011, the Chiefs decided to let him go.  He’s since played with the Titans and reports are that he’s out of shape.  My contention, though, is if you bring him in now, you can start getting him back to where he needs to be.  But I definitely wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to bring him in.  Plus, how many guys can we say actually wanted to come to Kansas City?  Eric Winston is the latest example I can think of before this.  I think it’s a treat that we have this situation unfolding, especially considering that it seems like we’re getting thinner on that line by the week.  Smith came in to work out for the team this past Tuesday, so we’ll see if anything comes of it.  Keep your ears open.

My question for the readers: Would you bring in Smith as a Chiefs in 2012?

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Rant Sports Disclaimer: This is not confirmed, it’s just a rumor.

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