NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals Among Teams Interested In Matt Moore

As Bloody Friday came to a close, the Miami Dolphins 53 man roster still had 4 quarterbacks listed.  To many, this comes as a surprise, but do not expect it to stay this way for long.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora is reporting the Dolphins are in talks to move last season’s starter, Matt Moore, to another team.  The Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers are rumored to be the two main teams involved in these discussions.

The Green Bay Packers said goodbye to Matt Flynn after 4 years of serving as Aaron Rodgers backup.  In his place the Packers placed Graham Harrell, hoping the two year practice squad QB could hold down the number two spot.  Unfortunately Harrell had a spotty preseason, although he closed out strong against the Kansas City Chiefs, throwing for over 220 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns.  It was a Bloody Friday saving performance considering those numbers equal what he did in the first two preseason games combined.  Adding a steady veteran like Moore to the roster would cause many people to sigh with relief.

The Arizona Cardinals need another mid level quarterback like the state needs another immigration law, they already have two too many, and none of them do what they were signed to do.  Sad attempts at humor aside, the Cardinals are already in the midst of a quarterback controversy, and adding Matt Moore to their roster seems like it does little to help clear the confusion.  Then again, if the Cards were to trade for Moore, and then release one of their incumbent starters, the controversy would be over, at least until the remaining starter stunk it up, and the fans started clamoring for Moore.  Then we would have a new quarterback controversy swirling about the ridiculously hot Arizona air.

Although no one would have thought this possible at the end of last season, it has become clear the Dolphins are ready to move in another direction.  Moore took over for an injured Chad Henne part way through last season, and was 6-3 in his last 9 starts.

Whatever team is able to work out a deal with the Dolphins, they will be getting a consummate professional and a highly capable backup.  Moore’s reaction to loosing his position to rookie QB Ryan Tannehill was documented and displayed by HBO’s Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Miami Dolphins, and I could not imagine it being handled in a more professional manner.

The NFL Rumors have Moore being moved by Monday, and by all accounts, the rumors will likely prove true.

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  • Stoneyunit

    Dear Jeff,
    I want to express my dissatisfaction in your obvious negative political views of Arizona. Here I’m thinking I’m going to read an article about football but apparently your still bitter that your degree in journalism is an utter waiste of time. I’m sorry that your not writing for the New York Times or whatever publication you dreamed of writing for but keep it simple and keep football. It seems that our world is filled with enough hate and violence that I don’t need your opinion about our states politics while catching up on football.

    If your trully in the know then you would maybe change your opinion if a loved one of yours was either killed, kidnapped or shot due to a large presence of Mexican gangs and cartel. I’m sure that Florida has enough problems that we can’t even squeeze into this email. So do us a favor a stick to sports and lay off the poltics.

    All of Arizona

    • Jeff Everette

      I am sorry that you took exception to my little attempt at humor, but It was not intended to be hurtful, nor intended to represent “hate and violence”. I was simply comparing the Cardinals needs to the biggest political issue in your great state. What I said was not completely off point either. The Cardinals do not need another mediocre quarterback, and the state does not need any more immigration laws that do not work. Of course, this is just my opinion, and should be taken as such. I did try to express this by pointing out that it was a poor attempt at humor, on a subject that is very important, not only to the people of Arizona, but also to the rest of us who have a vested interest in the immigration policies of this country.
      Your statement about the loved ones just supports my reference to the fact that the state laws are not doing what they are supposed to do.

      I am also sorry that you decided to add your voice to the “world that is filled with hate and violence” by accusing me of being bitter, and attacking my profession. It is unfortunate that you felt the need to insult me, and then cry out against the wrongs of the world…

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  • Andrew

    I didn’t know touchdown was two words.

    • Jeff Everette

      Thank you for pointing out my extra space. The editor must have been asleep at the wheel letting something like this happen!
      I am glad the rest of the article passed your inspection!