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Dallas Cowboys 53 Man Roster, Practice Squad Finalized

The Dallas Cowboys have their team; the 53 man roster, practice squad and all. Overall there are very few surprises or disappointments with the construction of the team. In addition to the active roster, the Cowboys were successful in getting most of the players they released onto their practice squad to further develop.

When the Cowboys added former Cincinnati Bengals tight end Collin Cochart and released quarterback Stephen McGee, the roster was set at 53 and Cowboys fans everywhere rejoiced! The outcry for McGee’s time to end in Dallas had reached an all-time high and the Cowboys did the right thing in letting him go. As I said before, if the Cowboys need to play a third QB they are in trouble and I would rather see his roster spot go to a player they will use this year.

With the 53 man roster set, the only surprise is that Dallas has four tight ends on the roster. It probably has a lot to do with Jason Witten’s uncertainty for week 1 against the New York Giants and once he’s healthy they will likely release Cochart.

I believe the Cowboys have left two or three roster spots open with the option of picking up a veteran after week 1 when their salaries will not be guaranteed. Offensive lineman Derrick Dockery, Cochart and receiver Andre Holmes. To me, those are the most likely players to get released if the team were to find a better veteran replacement after the season’s first week.

The Cowboys also finalized their practice squad yesterday and the names on that list are all names we liked during the preseason. Lance Dunbar, Jamize Olawale, Ron Leary, Ben Bass, Robert Calloway, Orie Lemon, Tim Benford and Danny Coale all cleared waivers so the Cowboys could retain their rights. I am pretty happy with the group they got back, especially for the development of a draft pick like Coale, who was never healthy in the off-season. I also really like Ron Leary, Ben Bass and Orie Lemon staying with the team.

The only disappointment I have is the Cowboys were not able to keep Adrian Hamilton. Depending on what you read the Cowboys many have had interest in bringing him back for the practice squad but the Baltimore Ravens did claim him. I thought he would be a perfect practice squad candidate but it was not meant to be so we’ll move on.

As Coach Normal Dale says in ‘Hoosiers’ “This is your team.” Like it or hate it, these are the guys the Dallas Cowboys will start week 1 in New York with.

Let’s hope it’s a great season, cheer for them! Hey, I had to find a way to work in the cheerleader into the story right?