The Difficulty of the Final Cuts

By Connor Harrison

The final roster cuts are always the worst, leaving players disappointed on both sides of the coin, players that were cut and players who weren’t cut. The Baltimore Ravens had it no different than any other team.

The players who were cut were disappointed for the obvious reason, because they’re off the team. The ones that stayed on the team were disappointed because they’re losing players that they spent all summer with.

It’s not easy for the coaches either, choosing who to keep and who to let go. They have to choose though, they can’t keep them all. Sometimes they cut players and it’s the right move, and other times they cut players and it’s the wrong move.

The final cuts are the most stressful time to begin the year. Most of the players that are cut are either rookies or are very inexperienced. With that being said, even some veterans get cut, such as Tony Wragge who was an eight year veteran.  Just being an experienced player doesn’t lock you in on making the final roster.

If you don’t play well in the preseason or in the camps and practices, don’t expect it to be easy to get on the final team roster. Even then it still isn’t easy to make it.

The normal starters and veterans who play well have it a little bit easier than those who don’t play that much. Like I said earlier, that doesn’t make it too easy by any means. They can’t just sit back and relax and expect them to maintain their starting position, let alone a spot on the team.

To find out whether or not the Ravens made the right cuts, we’ll have to wait until probably week four or five. The reason it’ll be that late is because we need to be sure that the team plays well not only in one game, but consistently.

Baltimore starts out the season in prime time playing the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night. This game will finally be televised so I can actually watch it. After this game I can tell you a little bit more about the team and how their season could go. Now if I wanted to tell you an even better prediction of how the team will be, you’d have to let me wait just a few more weeks. One game doesn’t tell me the whole story of the team.

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