What if DeMarco Murray Gets Hurt Again?

By Jesus Flores

I went to bed scratching my noggin Friday night after learning that the Dallas Cowboys decided to keep Stephen McGee on the roster.  To my delight all that changed Saturday morning after reports surfaced that the Cowboys finally said “goodbye” to McGee.  My day got even better when I finally got my hands on Madden 13.

I went ahead and started a new franchise with the Cowboys of course; all was well until I got to week two and then the unthinkable happened.  I hand the ball off to DeMarco Murray for a gain of four up-the-gut and Murray stays on the ground after being tackled by Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill.

Immediately, the announcers say, “ it doesn’t look good from up here,” bringing back horrible memories of the game against the New York Giants, which ended Murray’s promising rookie year.

I really like this young man and think that he’s capable of great success in the NFL if, and that’s a big if, he can stay healthy.  Last season the Cowboys benefited from having a true threat in the backfield and went 5-0 in games when Murray received 20+ touches and 2-5 when he didn’t.

Taking that into account along with the addition of fullback Lawrence Vickers, leads me to believe that the offense will feature a healthy dose of Murray and the run game in general.  The only real question then becomes can he last the entire season?

Murray getting hurt in my game doesn’t mean anything, but it did put into perspective that our starting running back and his back-up are both injury prone and could miss time this season.  Should one or both get seriously hurt during the 2012-13 campaign, it may be best to move on from them and find someone who’s durable and can get the job done as well.


Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports.com

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