Case Keenum to the Practice Squad Right Move for Houston Texans

By Joe Serenka

Reflecting on the roster cuts made by the Houston Texans on Friday I came to a decision that surprised me. I figured I would be slamming the Texans for keeping John Beck on the roster and cutting Case Keenum. Beck has struggled throughout his career moving from the Miami Dolphins to the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins and now with the Texans. He has never established himself as a key player for any of these teams. In fact in three seasons during his career he did have a single pass attempt. When he did get a chance to play the results were not always positive. This can be seen last year in his start against the Buffalo Bills. Beck threw 2 interceptions and was sacked numerous time in their shut out loss to the Bills. Even with all of these reasons not to like Beck on the roster I believe that it was the right move.

Last year, Houston lost both their starting quarterback Matt Schaub and backup Matt Leinart, forcing the team to rely on rookie T.J. Yates. He was able to run the team in their absence, but may have been too inexperienced for the situation he was in. There is no guarantee that he will be able to shoulder the load if Schaub goes down again this year.

If the Texans kept Keenum on the roster their only choices would have been Yates or starting the rookie Keenum. I believe that given the situation the team was in last year and the lack of an experienced backup on the roster, Beck is must-have player. He has never been a dominate player but could be serviceable if the team needed a veteran presence to lead the offense. Even if he doesn’t get in games, having a guy who has been in the league could help the young quarterbacks.

In college, Keenum was a prolific passer with three seasons with over 5,000 yards. I believe that he can transition to the NFL and be a successful quarterback. I do not think that Keenum is ready to contribute to the team yet and needs some time. Originally I thought the best way for him to learn would be to be on the active roster. After looking at what is best for the team and for Keenum I agree that the practice squad is the best spot for him.

The Texans get a more experienced passer on the roster and Keenum gets to learn without the pressure of getting ready for games. However, next year Keenum should take Beck’s spot on the roster.

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