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NFL Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers Praises Replacement Referees

Aaron Rodgers might know a thing or two about playing football.  The Green Bay Packers quarterback is the reigning NFL MVP and looks to repeat that this year.  The big story about football right now involves replacement referees and how it will end up being an unmitigated disaster.  However, Rodgers had high praise for the refs during Green Bay’s last preseason game and even called them “excellent.”

Ordinarily this would not be a big story, but this is the first instance that I have seen a player complement these refs.  They can not help the position that they are in.  If you want to blame someone for the refs, blame the league for locking out the actual refs.  These guys they have are stepping into the fire and hoping not to get burned.

I will still watch games and I do not think that the refs are going to have that big of an impact.  Regular refs make mistakes too.  I would still rather watch the actual refs, simply for the pace of the game.  The replacement guys are starting to show improvement, but that needs to carry over to the regular season.

Maybe Rodgers will take back these words after the first game of the season.  The batch of refs that he had praise for might not be the ones that he ends up having to play with.  It is going to be a long ongoing story until the actual refs get back.  Then again, it is actually nice to see a player give praise to the new refs instead of throwing them under the bus and backing it over them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.