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Chicago Bears: Four Questions on Offense Versus the Indianapolis Colts

Finally football is back and whilst the NFL continues to bicker with the real referees, the show must go on. With preseason over there are still many questions the Chicago Bears must answer in order to silence their critics.

Week 1 of the regular season see the Bears and new Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice, pick their wits against a new look, rebuilding Indianapolis Colts.

With the Bears facing the Green Bay Packers in week 2 of the 2012 NFL regular season, it is important that they nail down some of the lingering questions surrounding their offense from preseason.

The Running Game:

My word were the Bears awful in the run game during preseason. They struggled to open lanes with their run blocking, as well as, struggling to recognize run blitzing out of the backfield.

The Bears through out preseason seemed to sacrifice decent run blocking, in the pursuit of keeping Jay Cutler QB on his feet. If they truly want to be elite this season they are going to need to figure out what went wrong with their running game during preseason.

Tight Ends:

I truly worry about this position going into the regular season. For all the bluster and hot air about the potential that Evan Rodriguez and Kyle Adams have, they are completely unproven.

Tyler Clutts FB was traded out of Chicago which wasn’t a huge surprise, but the Bears need these two (especially Rodriguez) to learn their respective roles on this team quickly.

Also Kellen Davis is really going to have to step up his edge blocking which at times is pitiful. If he doesn’t take the next step this coming season, it could very well be his last in a Bears uniform.

Offensive Line:

Put simply, every Bears fan, critic and journalist will be watching this unit like a hawk pretty much all season. The fate of their season could very well be decided on if this unit can get the job done.

Roberto Garza C, absolutely has to figure out his issues, snapping the ball out of the shotgun as the ball is often low and wayward. Chris Spencer LG, was awful at the beginning of preseason but has grown week to week since then. Remember his contract runs out this season so he will have to fight to show his worth more than ever.

Gabe Carimi RT, has to learn from his mistakes as quick as possible. After missing much of his rookie season, the Bears will have to expect a certain amount of mistakes to be made by Carimi, but he will need to keep them to an absolute minimum if the Bears are to have a realistic shot at going deep into the postseason.

JaMarcus Webb LT, needs to take the step into NFL manhood the team assure fans he is capable of doing. Cut the rubbish and do his job, no amount of social media pandering is going to save Webb if he fails to show the goods this season.

Jay Cutler Elite QB:

This is possibly the most important of any point that could be made about the Bears currently. Cutler has to take his game to the next level, he has to show that he is the QB the Bears traded for.

Rookie GM Phil Emery has gone to greater lengths than anyone could have dreamed during the off-season to surround Cutler with as many weapons as possible.

Cutler is finally being treated like a franchise QB. His opinion carries weight and is listened to by the Bears coaching staff.

In short, the Bears are all in on Cutler and the next couple of seasons will be his best opportunity with an aging elite defense to get the job done for a franchise and fan base the longs for a Superbowl title.