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David Garrard Announces His Release from Miami Dolphins

There has been a ton of speculation across the NFL that David Garrard‘s time with the Miami Dolphins was coming to an end and it appears as if that day has finally come. NFL insider Jay Glazer tweeted this moments ago.

“Just got a text from David Garrard that he is being released from Fins today.”

With the Dolphins naming rookie QB Ryan Tannehill the starter midway through training camp, and the fact that they already had Matt Moore, who has proven to be at least a solid backup option in the NFL, Garrard didn’t seem to have a place on the roster. His only chance was winning the starting job outright in the competition between the three.

But that honor has gone to Tannehill, who joins four other rookie QBs who will be starting for their teams on Week 1. Personally I feel like the Dolphins are going about this the wrong way. I feel Garrard is the most talented QB on the roster and gives them the best chance to win. Clearly the organization is moving towards a rebuilding year as they also cut troubled receiver Chad Johnson earlier this off-season after just a few weeks with the team.

I imagine Garrard should be able to find work as a backup elsewhere. His fall from grace has been surprising, given his numbers. In five meaningful years in Jacksonville, he never threw more interceptions than touchdowns and always had a respectable QB rating. If teams still think he can play, don’t be surprised to see him snatched up quickly.


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