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Jeff Fisher Fake Mustache Promo For Week 1 From St. Louis Rams

It may not breed as much enthusiasm as winning would, but the St. Louis Rams are stepping up to the plate to get fans excited about the upcoming season. The hiring of Jeff Fisher as the club’s new head coach in the offseason certainly created some excitement, but now fans will get a memento to show their team pride.

Of course a fake mustache isn’t really something to get too pumped about, but the Rams as a franchise are doing their best to drum up anticipation for the upcoming season. After all, a 15-65 record during the course of the past five seasons doesn’t do much in that department.

On the Rams team website, the special offer includes discounted tickets starting at just $40 and comes with a Fisher stache upon entry to the Edward Jones Dome. The real kicker in this entire deal is the fact that when ordering, the promo code to enter is STACHE which is just the icing on the cake.

What would make fans a lot happier than a fake mustache in 2012 is some more victories. Fisher brings quite a pedigree to the table from his days with the Tennessee Titans franchise with 142 career wins and one memorable Super Bowl appearance. He slowly rebuilt an organization after the Houston Oilers relocated and the Rams are hopeful that he can replicate that type of performance in St. Louis.

While the special ticket offer with a fake mustache is a step in the right, cheeky direction, the Rams still have a ways to go in the win department. Hopefully the added excitement that this promotion creates will at least get the city reenergized for the start of the NFL season.

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