San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Preview

The San Diego Chargers will play their first regular season game of the 2012 NFL season when they face the Oakland Raiders on Sept. 10.

Philip Rivers became the starting quarterback for San Diego in the 2006 season. In his career, Rivers has a 9-3 record against Oakland, an average of 227 yards per game with 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions.In two games against Oakland last year, Rivers averaged 292 yards with five touchdowns and two interceptions.

Rivers had 310 passing yards, three touchdowns, one interception and a QB rating of 135.1 against Oakland in week 17. This was Rivers’ second highest rating in a game last season behind his 146.1 rating against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

San Diego’s starting running back Ryan Mathews broke his clavicle in the team’s first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on Aug. 9. Mathews was expected to miss 4-6 weeks at the time of his injury.

Mathews is aiming for a return to the field against Oakland in six days. He did not play in the game against Oakland, a San Diego win, when Rivers had 310 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Oakland’s starting RB Darren McFadden missed that game against the Chargers in week 17 and he was fourth in the NFL in rushing yards per game. This could create more time for Oakland with the ball, which would limit the amount of times that Rivers has to do damage against Oakland’s secondary.

San Diego is 8-2 in their last 10 games against the Raiders in Oakland. I expect this trend to continue next week with a Chargers victory and Rivers putting together a monster game.

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  • Nj raider 1

    1st of all u got ur facts twisted. They ain’t 8&2 against us in the last 10 games cuz we’re 3-1 in the last 4gms. Yea he dominated us for years, but we were a strictly man to man defense. All that talk son we gon see. U remember rivers stats then u ought to remember Carson Palmer putting up like . 410 yds &2tds &1 int & that was without Mcfadden so wut do u think is gon happen now. Last 2yrs we been clapping rivers ass. I don’t know wut games u been watching but we swept the division in 2010 & we would’ve lastyear if we didn’t lose both our qb &rb. Butt like I said we’ll see come monday night

    • Kenny Gardner

      I said that San Diego is 8-2 in their last 10 games against the Raiders in Oakland, not 8-2 overall. Try reading the entire sentence before seeing what you want to see and telling me that I got my facts twisted. Oakland had injuries, but so did every team for the most part and in four career games against San Diego, McFadden averaged 46 rushing yards per game with one touchdown in those four games. How has Oakland been “clapping” Rivers the last two seasons? Rivers had eight touchdowns and three interceptions in his last four games against Oakland. We will see what happens

      • topher

        Raiders are 3-1 the last two seasons against the declining chargers. You deliberately skewed the facts by taking into account a much longer time period just to make out seem like a trend.

        this isn’t even taking into account the loss of brown or the battered Matthews.

        P.s. all three games the raiders had McFadden for? They won.

        • Kenny Gardner

          McFadden played in four games in his career against San Diego. In 2008, McFadden had seven rushing attempts, 20 yards and San Diego won 28-18. San Diego beat Oakland 34-7 in their other game in 2008 and beat Oakland 24-20 in the regular season opener against them while Oakland won 28-13 in 2010, so Oakland is 1-3 against San Diego when McFadden played not 3-0

          • topher

            I stand corrected on McFadden. I thought he played both 2010 and the first 2011 game. I knew I should have verified that before posting.

            Regardless my original point stands(the one you didn’t even address). Raiders are 3-1 the last two years. And taking into account a much longer time period that covers some of the worst years of the raider franchise and the strongest years of the chargers is a deliberate attempt to create a trend that has already been .

          • Kenny Gardner

            I did not address your original point because San Diego is 8-2 against the Raiders in Oakland over the last 10 games which includes a win last season that cost Oakland the AFC West title. The only way there could be something deliberate about it is if San Diego won eight games in a row in Oakland, lost their last two games there and I said they were 8-2 in their last 10 games, but that was not the case

  • D A

    Um rivers scored 3 of those TDs in the last game of the year when we all but gave up….. the other 3 others were late drives trying to catch up. But I guess stats don’t lie and we should not even show up to the O to play. LMAO. Yes carson is suspect to the what the hell were you thinking but I think we will run the ball 40 times a game and throw 20 and let the new D handel the chargers. It will be RAIDERS 31 Chargeretts 17 and you can take that to the bank!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenny Gardner

      Rivers scored three of those TDs in the last game of the year when we all but gave up? What does that say about Oakland because a win and a Denver loss would have won the West. I never said that Oakland should not show up to play, but thanks for twisting my words around. Oakland allowed 27 points per game last season and only six teams allowed more yards per play, but we will see what happens with their defense this season as health and new additions can make a difference for teams

  • Tom

    I’m confused, too. If the Raiders have a 3-1 (3 wins) record against the Chargers in the past 2 years, than how do the Chargers only have 2 losses in the past 10 games? Second, recent history suggests that it’s the Raiders who have dominated the Chargers. They may even become more dominant with the revamped defense as their 1st team D looked very impressive in the preseason. Just trying to keep us all in reality. It will be decided Monday night on the field.

    • Kenny Gardner

      The last paragraph of the article clearly states that San Diego is 8-2 in their last 10 games against the Raiders in Oakland not 8-2 in the last 10 games in general against them. I never said that the Chargers dominated Oakland in general, so you are not keeping anyone in reality. Oakland’s first team defense looked very impressive in the key word preseason which means almost nothing. We will see what happens with their defense this year as most teams fight through injuries and have players who miss games, but only three teams allowed more points than Oakland last year while only six teams allowed more yards per play. We will see what happens