Colts Rookie QB Andrew Luck Wasn't the Biggest Fan of the "Suck For Luck" Campaign Last Season

By joshdhani

Last season, as teams like the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins were suffering, many were wondering if they were going to tank the season to get then-Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The race was on to see who would get the No. 1 pick and  land one of the greatest quarterback prospects since Peyton Manning.

Obviously, Indianapolis ended up winning the “Suck For Luck” campaign. However, Luck himself wasn’t a big fan of it, as he says so himself in an interview with Big Lead Sports.

“Oh yeah, they razzed me about it, which was well deserved. Part of having teammates,” Luck said of his teammates teasing him about it. “I wasn’t a big fan of it. I think you never want to see fans encourage their teams to lose. I didn’t buy into it.”

You can see the whole interview here. Good stuff.


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