Devin Thomas Set to Un-Retire from the NFL

By Chris Wickersham

Devin Thomas who retired from the NFL on August 5th, 2012 said he is going to un-retire from the NFL. Exactly a month from today, Thomas took his news to Twitter … “I finally feel complete as a human being and i am ready to return to the NFL!” and “Im officially a free agent so DT fans i will keep yall posted where i land! Much love! #Showtime”

The Chicago Bears signed Thomas to a 1-year deal in the off-season. The Bears plan was to use him manly on special teams and make their special teams squad even better. Thomas is not a great receiver, but he has made a great name on special teams. Thomas was the un-sound hero in the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl. Thomas recovered 2 big fumbles in the Giants game against the San Francisco 49ers. If Thomas did not recover those fumbles, the Giants would have never won the Super Bowl.

When Thomas gave the news to the Bears that he is going to retire, the Bears decided to terminate his contract. Thomas is now a free agent and can sign with any team, since the Bears terminated his contract. If the Bears didn’t terminate his contract, he’ll still be their property.

We were all surprised Thomas announce that he was going to retire as he’s only 25-years old. He can find a job and that was never going to be a problem for him. Thomas had to say this on why he did retire from the NFL, ; “Im not old, banged up, or hate the game. I retired to set fire to my spirit and find truth.”

After Thomas was not on the Bears squad anymore, the Bears signed Rachied Davis to take his spot on special teams. However, Davis overcame an injury and the Bears ended up releasing him. With no Davis or Thomas, it opened up a spot for Dane Sanzenbacher who did make the 53-man roster as the 6th WR.

I’m happy Devin Thomas did decide to return to the NFL as he was just way too young to retire. I hope he finds an opportunity as soon as possible and he can get back on the football field!

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