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Louis Delmas and Chris Houston Absent from Detroit Lions Practice

Practice on Wednesday still proved to be a little light in the secondary for the Detroit Lions. Louis Delmas and Chris Houston were not practicing in the morning portion on Wednesday. Since they weren’t in the a.m. practice, the chance for them taking part in the afternoon portion were slim too.

Delmas’ knee surgery has kept him out of all of the preseason games and practice. Without having any practice time on the field–or at least the portion that is open to media–his starting spot for next week could even be questionable. Houston appeared in the first three preseason games before an ankle injury sidelined him.  He hasn’t tried to practice since and there isn’t a date scheduled for his return.

Who will benefit from their injuries and get the probable nod for starting spots? John Wendling took over for Delmas in the safety spot during the four preseason games he missed and did a decent job in the position. It would only make sense for him to be starting on Sunday in Delmas’ absence.

Drayton Florence signed on Monday in the cornerback position, but has he had enough time to learn the plays and be effective by Sunday? Florence has been actively practicing each day, so there is a possibility he could start on the left side. He is motivated to prove himself, so that is one thing is his favor.

Kevin Barnes has only been on the team for a week or so longer than Florence, so if he has strong practices, then he might get the start. He filled in as safety during the last preseason game and shoved he is a versatile playing who catches on quickly.

Bill Bentley has been named as starting in the right cornerback spot for Sunday’s game.