NFL Rumors: Is Robert Griffin III A Combination of Three NFL Superstar Quarterbacks?

By Emmanual Benton

When the Washington Redskins traded up and selected Robert Griffin III 2nd overall in the ‘12 NFL Draft the team knew what they were getting – a unique football player. Griffin has world class speed with an unusual ability to stay in the pocket and pick apart a defense.

It’s difficult to compare him to any NFL player and attempting to do so is simply unfair and a bit disrespectful to both players. Of course, because of Robert’s world class speed and rocket arm, he’s often compared to Michael Vick – which again, is not fair for both players. However, on the surface, Griffin is Vick-like with his ability to create big plays.

Redskins’ WR Josh Morgan took the comparisons to another level Monday saying – “He’s [Robert] as fast as Michael Vick but he can make all the throws that Peyton Manning can make, and he can make all the reads Tom Brady can make. He’s got the whole package.”

Now, I’m not saying that’s an inaccurate statement – but he put Robert on the mountain peak. That’s a tad much to live up to. All three of those superstar quarterbacks have accomplished a lot. Brady and Peyton are two of the best that’s ever played the game.

While Robert could eventually end up being mentioned in the same breath as those aforementioned Qbs, it’s only fair to allow Robert to be Robert. If Griffin can translate the success he had in college to the NFL, if not better – the league is in for a treat.


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