No Contract Talks Between the Chicago Bears & Jay Cutler

By Chris Wickersham

The Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler reportedly have not begun negotiations on a contract extension, as was reported by our very own yesterday.

I don’t think our report was wrong, but the Bears want to keep the negotiations in house and don’t want it to leak out to the media. When that happens, too many distractions occur and that’s never good for a football team. At times, non-media has the better scoop to in house news than the media actually does. I think that is the case with the Cutler extension talks. Since we all know the Bears want to lock up Cutler and he wants to stay in Chicago.

Phil Emery has made Cutler very happy this year … he re-united him with his number 1 target Brandon Marshall and his old QB coach Jeremy Bates. We have actually seen smiles from Cutler this year unlike the past few years where it seems like he’s upset. Cutler’s family is also located in Chicago too … his fiancee Kristin Cavallari and his new born child Camden Jack Cutler. Lastly, Cutler has his old WR from his days back at Vanderbilt Earl Bennett. So, there’s just too much stuff Cutler would lave to change and leave … that’s why he’ll be in Chicago for years to come. As that means, an extension will be hammered out at some point.

The Bears can still wait on an extension for Cutler as he’s a free agent after the 2013 season. Cutler will make 7.7 million this year and 8.47 in 2013. There’s no hurry for an contract extension and the Bears could wait until after this season to give him a new contract. As they want to see how he performs this year.

I do expect Cutler to have one of the best seasons in his career and he’ll be welcomed back to the Pro Bowl. That’s how much faith I’m putting in Cutler to put up great stats this year.

Don’t forget, Brian Urlacher is a free agent after the year and the Bears will need money to re-sign him. IF Urlacher shows he’s healthy and has a great season. I do think Urlacher will surprise us this year and he will get a new contract this off-season.

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