NFL Rumors: New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Adrian Arrington Could Overtake Joseph Morgan As The Number Four Wide Receiver

By Alejandro Aviles

The New Orleans Saints have selected their 53-man roster and their depth chart is set and ready to go for the regular season. There was a competition for the number four wide receiver during training camp and the preseason but the Saints finally selected Joseph Morgan as the number four wideout.

Morgan played well in the preseason making 15 catches for 182 yards and two touchdowns. Morgan was able to secure the number four wide receiver slot and he will definitely give the Saints a different dimension on offense.

Morgan is not the biggest receiver as he only stands 6’1″ 184 pounds, but it is his speed that makes him such a valuable asset to the Saints’ receiving corps. Morgan is a speedster and is able to make big plays. For example, Morgan made a 53-yard reception during the preseason.

If Morgan continues his good play through the regular season, he should be able to keep the number four wideout spot. However, in the latest string of NFL Rumors it appears that the greatest threat to Morgan’s spot on the depth chart is wide receiver Adrian Arrington.

Arrington had the best training camp out of anyone on the Saints’ roster but then he went down with a meniscus injury in his knee. I was not sure if Arrington would be able to lock up a spot on the final roster but the Saints retained him and he is close to returning from injury.

Arrington returned to practice this past Monday and also participated fully in practice yesterday. Arrington is confident that he will play in the Saints regular season opener against the Washington Redskins.

If Arrington does play in the opener it is unsure how effective he will be given that he would just be coming back from injury. However, if Arrington plays well during the regular season I could see him overtaking Morgan for the number four receiver position.

Up until his injury, it appeared that Arrington had locked up the number four wide receiver spot and I think if he can get back to form he could become the number four receiver. However, do not think that Morgan will just lie down and let Arrington take his spot.

It looks like the competition for the number four receiver position will continue into the regular season. It appears that both Morgan and Arrington will get some playing time in the season opener but who will be more effective?

Furthermore, can Arrington remain healthy and outplay Morgan for a chance at the number four receiver spot? I think Arrington can overtake Morgan all he needs to do is stay healthy and play with the same consistency he showed during training camp.


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