NFL Rumors: Peyton Manning More Popular than Tim Tebow?

By Derek Kessinger

The battle between Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning still ignites a firestorm on unsuspecting Denver talk shows on occasion. While a five time MVP sounds better than a quarterback with a career passing percentage below 50%, the debate over the dismissal of Tim Tebow still rages with some radical supporters of Tim. The conspiracy theories involving Denver Broncos Vice President John Elway’s supposed jealousy of Tebow are the stuff of internet legend.

People in Colorado continue to embrace their new quarterback,  Manning, as the Bronco orange image of Tebow fades to Jet green. A polling agency  that talks to likely voters in the November election indicates Coloradans  prefer Manning by a 33% margin, with Manning leading 55 to 22 percent  (apparently all of the  undecided voters  miss Kyle Orton).

On the likability scale, Tebow is still ahead by a slight margin over Manning, 62% to 56%. However, only 9% of Coloradans dislike Manning compared to 20% of respondents who dislike Tebow. Of course, likability has never helped win football games so it will be interesting to see how the results change over the course of the season. As far as fantasy owners, 65% are starting Manning this week to a measly 1% who are starting the New York Jets backup.

Politics is already shaping the NFL. The first game of the season, usually on a Thursday night, has been moved because of President Barack Obama’s Democratic Convention acceptance speech. Of course, the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants went head-to-head with former President Bill Clinton’s speech. Last week’s Broncos pre-season game against the Arizona Cardinals was delayed until after presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech.

NFL Rumors

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