NFL Rumors: Should the Chicago Bears Take a Flyer On Chad Johnson?

By gilgerard

Well, the Chicago Bears are within a few days of showing the world their brand new offense. With the signing of Michael Bush, trade for Brandon Marshall, and draft pick of Alshon Jeffrey, the Bears are ready to rock and roll. Well, that makes me think of a few things. Are the Bears really going to rely on a rookie to be their number 2 receiver? Yes I know about Earl Bennett, but I’m a big believer in his ability in the slot and I don’t think it makes sense to mess with that. So why not take a shot on Chad Johnson, who is a free agent and did look good in hard knocks. Look, NFL Rumors fly all the time but I think this one makes the most sense.

If the Bears signed Chad Johnson and he became comfortable in the Bears system, he could bring another dynamic weapon to the outside that would take pressure off a young receiver. That makes the Bears deeper, AND better at the same time. You think Jay Cutler would enjoy another weapon? I think he would.

I know what you’re saying. Chad Johnson is a distraction. He’s a punk for what happened regarding his domestic disturbance. Look- people make mistakes. Period. I believe Chad Johnson deep down- is a good guy. I think he’s got some problems in terms of attention, but I think football is what heals a guy like him. I think he’s training and working his butt off while working on his off the field problems and what else can you ask for?

Look- would Chad Johnson help the Bears? Yes. We all saw he still can play this game. I think his experiences and his down years could serve as an example to the young WR’s. I think he’d be able to teach young players how he lost his way. How he forgot why he was playing the game of football.

Anyways- enough preaching. I believe in Chad Johnson, and I think the Bears should took a shot. But hey- just my opinion.

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