Seattle Seahawks Have a Few Fantasy Options That May be Overlooked

By Jake Coburn

Seattle Seahawks may not be the most exciting team as far as fantasy players, but they do have a few weapons that could benefit a fantasy owner in a big way.

The first fantasy option on the Seahawks is an obvious one in running back Marshawn lynch. Lynch is one of the best backs in the league and comes in a division that only has one really good defense that he will face.

Lynch is a strong runner who will give any fantasy owner an edge in running the ball if he can stay healthy. The downside that comes with Lynch is that he is injury prone and has not played a full season without an injury in some time. If Lynch can stay healthy he is one of top running back optionss to have on a team.

With the quarterback situation for the Seahawks, it would be a gamble to take one of their quarterbacks depending on which one will start. Rookie Russell Wilson has the job right now but it can be dangerous picking up a rookie quarterback. As a backup Wilson will be a solid pick because he will give you some passing touchdowns along with some rushing yards. The risk of taking a rookie quarterback is very high but the payout could be much higher if he succeeds.

The big pick up with Seattle will be in the defense and special teams. This is a pick that a fantasy owner could get at a cheap price with a huge payoff. With free safety Earl Thomas, the defense recorded five interceptions in the preseason and play in a division where the level of quarterback play can be very low. The defense will get points and could put an owner just ahead for a win.

Along with the defense, Golden Tate returned a punt for a touchdown and is a threat to do it in every game which could also bring an owner points on the special team side.

Though the Seattle Seahawks may not be full of fantasy options, there are a few pickups that can benefit a fantasy team to get the edge over the opponent.

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