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Week One Reaction: New York Giants Lose 24-17 to Dallas Cowboys

That wasn’t pretty. The New York Giants fall to 0-1 as they lose their home opener to the Dallas Cowboys 24-17. Here are some takeaways from the game.

On the Corner: The coverage in the secondary was horrendous. Cowboy receivers were getting open on double moves throughout the game. The Michael Coe injury down the stretch really hurt as Justin Tryon was exposed. I don’t know if it was miscommunication or bad scheming or what it was, however they need to get it fixed within the next ten days.

O-Line: The offensive line was not good tonight. They couldn’t open holes in the running game and Eli Manning was under duress throughout the game. Ahmad Bradshaw had 78 yards rushing, but a lot of that was on two plays. That was very evident when they couldn’t punch the ball in from the two after Michael Boley’s interception.

A case of the butterfingers: Victor Cruz had three drops and Martellus Bennett had one big one that could have kept a drive going. You can’t have those kind of mistakes. David Wilson’s fumble was also a huge turning point in the game and after he fumbled you didn’t see him except on kick returns. He’ll definitely will be carrying the ball high and tight this week in practice.

Look for the Giants to make a lot of adjustments heading into week two. Again it’s week one and the team will look different as the season evolves. Let’s not say that the ship is sinking quite yet.