Adrian Peterson Gives Jacksonville Jaguars Some Bulletin Board Material

By Joey Farbo

The Jacksonville Jaguars do not need any extra motivation to start their season off with a win this Sunday, but Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson may have added some fuel to the fire.

“Look at Jones-Drew,” Peterson told a Minneapolis radio station. “He was their whole offense last year. So, without him, the Jaguars would have been terrible just to be honest.”

Yes, what Peterson said about the Jaguars is probably true of last year’s team, but this is a new season and there is no reason for him to lob verbal bombs at a team the Vikings only play once every four years.

Not to mention that even with Peterson playing every bit as good as Maurice Jones-Drew did last year before injuring his knee, his Vikings only managed to win three games. It is safe to say that as “terrible” as the Jaguars were last season, the Vikings were just as bad if not worse.

Peterson’s comments probably most angered the unit he will be facing this Sunday if he is healthy enough to play, the Jaguars defense. While Jones-Drew was the only good thing going for the Jaguars offense last season, the Jaguars defense was very good last season and helped keep them in games.

If the Jaguars defense was not as good as it was last year, they could have lost all of their games because the offense just was not capable of putting that many points up on the scoreboard.

The 2012 version of the Jaguars looked just fine in the preseason without Jones-Drew, but maybe Peterson was too busy rehabbing his knee to notice.

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